Keep supporting Casey Jr.

I’ve been upgrading Casey Jr. but he needs way more support! Please!

He’s always been a favorite character of mine, and I’ve always wanted to have a model train of him! As you can see, he looks quite a bit more accurate, save for his stack, which the parts for have yet to arrive. I need 1000 supporters by the end of the year just about.

Steam locomotives, design theory, and other various thoughts.(Part 1?)

Howdy, and welcome to this infrequently used and updated blog. Hopefully, I remember to make this a series.

Today, I want to discuss what went into the making of my recent Casey Jr. LEGO project. But first, a bit of history. The first steam locomotive was invented by Richard Trevithick in 1802, in Great Britain. In 1825, George Stephenson(who would later become known for the invention of the Stephenson valve gear, the simplest form of valve gear, as used on Casey Jr.)  built Locomotion 1 for the Stockton and Darlington, the first public railway in the world.

Fast forward to 1901, when Walter Elias Disney was born to Flora and Elias Disney. Walt loved trains, and when the Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923, first as Disney Brothers Studio, many of his movies and the yet unbuilt Disneyland would reflect this. As I am not a historian, I won’t go into all those details here.

Let’s move ahead to 1941. Railroads were king. Back then, everything was hauled by rail, as lots could be moved quickly, and somewhat inexpensively. In 1941, Walt Disney Studios released Dumbo, the story of a young elephant who has such large ears, that he can quite literally take off, and fly! Now, remember I said Walt was a train fan? In the original novel of Dumbo(I learned this recently), the train was not fleshed out. Casey Jr. was created by Walt, and Ward Kimball. Being railfans, they knew all about how steam locomotives actually worked, but because they were cartoonists first, they made many changes, including the fact that Casey Jr. need not have an engineer. He, quite literally, is both engineer and locomotive. Being cartoonists, they exaggerated features to create a character that was both realistic, yet appealing.

So, for my first post, let’s cover the little locomotive himself. Starting with his headlight. Normally, when designing a locomotive, be it LEGO, model, or real, you don’t want things to look odd, so you set a scale( 2.
a. A proportion used in determining the dimensional relationship of a representation to that which it represents: a world map with a scale of 1:4,560,000.
b. A calibrated line, as on a map or an architectural plan, indicating such a proportion.
c. Proper proportion: a house that seemed out of scale with its surroundings. just so nobody complains about citations.)

So, anyway, I decided that rather than try to set a scale, I would try to take a page out of Walt and Ward’s book. I took the route of trying to make it look adorable. As you can see, I overexaggerated the headlight, and the cylinders(the headlight is his ‘hat’, the pistons his ‘arms’, and the cylinders are his hands.  He may look slightly odd this way, but I find hiWP_20190906_10_32_31_Prom charming. The wheels are standard LEGO steam locomotive wheels, so he can run.

As per almost usual, his tender is pretty much an unassuming box on wheels, designed to carry his coal. Fun fact, west of the Appalachians(CA, NV, etc) there are plenty of trees, so locomotives were wood burners, east(NC, SC, WV, etc) coal was king. As Casey serves the eastern seaboard, he’s a coal burner. Next time, I’m going to cover his passenger car, so expect(hopefully) about a 5 part series.

Casey Jr. Circus Train

I am not much for blogging, but hopefully, this can reach more people. You see, for many years, including those in which Disney Infinity was in development, I have LOVED LEGO and trains. As I’ve said before, my dream is to design a LEGO set. This time, I built a LEGO model of Casey Jr. from the 1941 Disney classic, Dumbo. Yes, a Disney Train came out, a fantastic set, to be sure, but my model is not competing with that in any way. See, The set that’s out now is pulled by a 4-4-0(American type, for fellow train nerds), mine is a 2-4-0, as depicted in the movie.

So, why should you support mine? Easy. Dumbo is a classic Disney movie. To date, we do not have a set from it. Yes, mine is motorized by the same underpinnings as the set, BUT, I quartered the driving wheels, and included working piston action. Secondly, Dumbo and his mom are included. Dumbo gets plush and things, but this would be LEGO’s first depiction of the playful pachyderm.WP_20190906_10_35_30_ProWP_20190906_10_32_31_Pro


Adventure is out there!

So, today, for my ultra infrequent blog, I want to talk about Disney Pixar’s Up. But first, a little about me. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, suffered a brain bleed as a baby that wiped out a quarter of my brain, and I wasn’t expected to last 10 minutes. Yet, by the grace of God, here I am. Because of my disabilities, I can’t walk well, run, etc. I also have a compromised immune system, so I’ve never been able to be as social as I could be. I have always had a dream though. I grew up with LEGO and Disney. My grandma and grandpa’s marriage has always been rock solid. I grew up with them as some of my biggest supporters. In 2009, Pixar released Up, which, although both of my grandparents are alive, spoke to me as an emulation of their love, and how God created love. So, since Up is turning 10 next year, I created a LEGO model, which I was inspired to create indirectly by my grandparents. If you would please sign up with/log into your LEGO accounts, support, and share, you’d be helping me one step further toward my dream of creating a LEGO set! To support, log in, or create a new LEGO ID like you would if you wanted to buy a set from LEGO.


Spin it!

I built a LEGO version of the Sea Duck, from Disney Afternoon’s Talespin. Then, I stuck it on LEGO Ideas. It needs 10,000 total supporters, and at least 100 supporters in the next 60 days to gather more time, or it gets deleted, and I must start gathering from scratch.
So, I want to let people know why this project means so much to me. I was born disabled, premature, only given minutes to live. I couldn’t walk well, balance well, had a compromised immune system, so I grew up playing with LEGO, and of course watching Disney cartoons. I’ve always wanted to design a LEGO set. Once I heard about Cuusoo/Ideas, this was my chance. I would be floored if I had to go sign boxes until my one well working hand felt like it would fall off. Which, yes, the designers have to go sign at a LEGO Store, which if I had to go to Downtown Disney, or Disney Springs to do, I wouldn’t complain. Anyway, enough blathering (BLATHERSKITE!) Here’s the link, please support, and share. And so you remember what this is, a rock version of the themesong.


Trains and me

So, I’ve always loved trains. And LEGO. I’ve always dreamed of creating a LEGO set. LEGO Ideas allows people to suggest ideas for sets, , so I jumped in and made an idea to test the waters. I need 10,000 supporters, 100 in roughly 2 months to keep the project going with more time. Please help me. Anyway, my project is a model of a 20th century British passenger car. In 2001, LEGO created a line of single railroad cars. This is my attempt at reviving that. brcoach

LEGO Up House: or the one Pirate Steve will find boring, maybe, but Patrick should like it.

So, Steve has really, REALLY wanted me to blog for a long time. Life is weird, and I forget. Today, I started working on a LEGO model of the house from Pixar’s Up. I’d built it digitally, but here it is in real LEGO. It isn’t finished yet, as I need to finish the roof, add stairs, interior, etc, but…32×32 baseplate…WIN_20180718_13_05_14_Pro.jpg